Buy seed and grow your own vegetables, trees, flowers and more.

We are a collective of New Zealand based hobby growers offering both heirloom as well as locally adapted landrace seed lines for sale.

We offer a range of vegetable seed that has been carefully grown and collected from our group of dedicated growers. Consciously selected for improved hardiness, disease and pest tolerance and our unique climate. We also like to keeps things simple like using recycled packaging and hand written seed packs. Hand harvested seed may result in a small amount of detritus but this will not interfere with germination.

    Seeds bred for New Zealand climate by our passionate growers

    Holistically grown and selected for optimum quality, taste, hardiness and disease resistance

    Purchase directly from the grower

    Sentinels seed is frozen stored to maintain high germination

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    What’s the deal with heirloom seeds?

    What’s the deal with heirloom seeds?

    Heirloom seeds are special for several reasons, and their uniqueness is tied to their history, characteristics, and the way they are cultivated. Here are some key factors that make heirloom seeds special: Historical Significance: Heirloom seeds have a rich history and...

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