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How it works -  Each grower sends there freshly harvested dried seed to the administrator where it is weighed, recorded and frozen, packets are then filled from there when required.  The prices of seeds sold on the website are at this stage $4 per packet, though difficult to process seed can advertised for more and the grower is paid extra, from each packet the grower is paid $2, $1 is paid to the administrator for handling with the remaining $1 covers website hosting, stationary and to build up funds for future investment into improved seed storage capabilities

What you need to do -  Becoming a Sentinels seed grower no matter how big or small requires a good understanding of how to grow, process and dry seed. Its in the best interest of the Sentinels Co Op system as a whole to support all other fellow members with help and advice as the more growers Sentinels has means a greater range of seed, meaning more choice for the customers.

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