Very old perennial cabbage

Very old perennial cabbage

Details  Photo shows how wide a three year old cutting grown plant can leap fog while developing new root systems as it spreads.

A perennial cabbage taken as a cutting from a 50+year old plant which according to the woman who had grown it for most of her life has never flowered there for has never produced seed.
Picked leaf at a time year round, winter hardy, needs to be net covered in summer to stop white butterfly.
To grow cuttings place them on there sides half sticking out, best use a 70% sand / 30% compost mix during the cooler times of year, summer time has shown to be a difficult time of year to grow these cuttings but it can be done

Botanical name  Brassica oleraceaPrice per packet  $10.00Grower name  Richard Watson
Egyptian walking tree onions

Egyptian walking tree onions

Details  These are hardy perennial onions that are very prolific, they do best in a well-drained, moist garden bed, bulbils are best planted from March till Sep.
Breeding work on the onion is currently being done, the Egyptian Walking tree onion is a F1 clone which is a cross between the Walsh and a standard brown onion, through bulbil removal and hand pollination 13 seeds were produced in 2015, from those 13 only 5 seedlings germinated, one of those later died. During that summer the four remaining plants grew and divided given me 23 new base onions, these were then replanted out separately and its hoped they will produce more seed. The goal is to develop a open pollinate walking onion that is grown from seed and not bulbils
Botanical name  Allium cepaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  20-30 bulbilsGrower name  Richard Watson
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Central Otago pale yellow gooseberry

Details  Originating from the Central Otago gold fields this gooseberry grows about a metre tall and produces a light yellow colour fruit when ripe. Considered to be the best tasting out of the collection of 5 other varieties from that area.
Cuttings available May to July- contact Richard Watson
Botanical name  Ribes uva-crispaPrice per packet  $5.00Packet contents  5 Stem CuttingsGrower name  Richard Watson
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