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Sue and Nev Sinclair

Sue - I have been a gardener since before marrying Nev, 40 years ago. I am not experimental but love to grow our own food using varieties that have proved to be suitable for our light alluvial soil and harsh climate in the Scargill Valley.

Nev - We have been using gardening techniques that we feel are supportive of nature and seek to further our understanding of the way in which forces and organisms interact. I am very observant of any novelty that becomes evident in the plants I am growing. I have bred a couple of unique lines of plants and am developing new strains of potatoes and apple varieties.

Bean Pean (white) - 44NS7

Details  Peans are a great all rounder with many uses. The plants climb just like a runner bean or climbing french bean and produce flat pods similar to a large mangetout pea. The pods can be picked young and used whole as a french bean or left on the plants to mature and shelled like peas, or they can be left to mature fully and dry and then used as any other dried beans. New seasons seed will be available again as soon a possible

Botanical name  Pisum sativum
Price per packet  $4.00
Packet contents  30 seeds