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Purau Gardens

Purau Gardens is located in Purau by the Lyttleton Harbour. Well known as an historic early market garden for Christchurch with a great climate and rich volcanic soil. No chemicals or fertilisers are required for the production of fantastic fruit and vegetables and its relative isolation makes this a great area for specialist seed production and development.

Tomato - Ailsa Craig - 14RG83

Tomato - Ailsa Craig - 14RG83

Details  An old variety, very popular in the UK originating from Scotland in 1908. Named after the island  Ailsa Craig near the mouth of the Clyde river.
A vigorous grower with good disease resistance, medium size and good flavour.
Botanical name  Solanum lycopersicum
Price per packet  $4.00
Packet contents  20
Grower name  Rick Ginders