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Radish - Pink Beauty - 96RW66

Radish - Pink Beauty - 96RW66

Details  A beautiful round pink radish that is sweet and tasty, less of a hot and spicy radish than most other summer radishesBotanical name  Raphanus sativusPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  50Grower name  Richard Watson
Radish - black Spanish - 62RW65

Radish - black Spanish - 62RW65

Details  A large black skin white flesh winter radish that can get to the dinner size of a dinner plate size while still remaining mild tasting. Dont sow before March in the South Island and April in the north.
Botanical name  Raphanus sativusPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  approx 50Grower name  Richard Watson

Radish - Qingluobo

Details  Known also as Green Luobo is currently being grown and should have seed ready by MarchPrice per packet  $4.00Grower name  Richard Watson
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