Maize - Sola - 79NS76A

Details  The maize Sola is the name given to it by Nev, is was derived from an old maize that was commercially available back in the early 1970s when he first began growing it. Both Sue and Nev have a long history together, as plant and grower. It has changed during that lengthy association and now looks as if the sun is shining out of it. They use it principally in ground form for making what we regard as a very sustaining porridge (cooked with milk); rich and filling. Customers have also used it to create polenta and it seems to perform well used this way.

Although the seed from which the original crop was grown from was possibly a hybrid (even back then) it is no longer so, and reliably produces consistent crops.
Botanical name  Zea maysPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  50Grower name  Nev and Sue Sinclair