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Tomatillo - 73RT72

Tomatillo - 73RT72

Details  Produces a green stalked and leafed plant around a meter tall eventually covered with an abundance of green tomato-like fruit covered in a green papery husk.  Pick when husk is filled out.  Can be eaten raw, once the poisonous husk is removed, either as a fruit in hand or blended in a food processor with coriander and a few other ingredients to make a light and refreshing tasting salsa verde.  Or roasted in the oven, and then  blended and boiled until it thickens (with stock, and other ingredients) and used as a tart but flavourful sauce for meats like chicken.  When tomatoes are blighted, the tomatillos will look fine.  Plants will fall over under the weight of fruit and are best grown surrounded by a low method of support if you prefer they don't lay on your paths or lawn.Botanical name  Physalis philadelphicaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30 seedsGrower name  Richard Tew