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Onion - Pukekohe long keeper - 36RW50

Onion - Pukekohe long keeper - 36RW50

Details  An old strain of long storing brown skin onion that can grow up to 800grams.

Selection work involves sowing seed early spring so as to give the onion the longest possible growing season, this way the idea is to expose any onions that have a undesirable tendency to bolt to seed in its first year, its the second year that the onion is used seed production. After the first years growth, only onion that have excellent size and shape are stored for winter, springtime the first 50% that start to grow green shoots while still in storage are discarded and the remain 50% slow bolters planted back out from seed production. The slower the bolters the better the keeping ability.
Botanical name  Allium cepaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  50Grower name  Richard Watson