My name is Richard Watson and started growing seed when I was given what was later to be renamed the Benhorn carrot, this was in the late 1980's and two years later I joined up with Kay Baxter who had only just set up koanga Gardens as a volunteer heirloom seed grower.

Through the 1990's I leased land in around Rangiora area which helped build my knowledge and understanding of the complexities of growing seed but it wasn't till myself and my family bought 5.1 hectares in the Amuri basin that I was able to increase both the number and the volume of seed lines.



The Amuri area is by New Zealand standards a extreme climate which this makes it an ideal climate for seed production as it allows for the selection of the strongest plants to withstand such a climate there for i believe these seed should preform well in other areas. No animal manure is used in either the garden or compost system not for any other reason than its not an easily sourced locally. Soil nitrogen levels are maintained by having a high turn over of nitrogen fixing legume crops, i try to grow every second to third crop a legume. All my seed lines are selected for yield and taste while all fertiliser inputs are all natural via a composting systems where seaweed and carbon in form of pine logs from plantation thinning are used, including all recycled garden waste. A new fertiliser is now being used which i believe is the best natural product on the market for those garden who are not only wanting to maintain or improve soil health but are concerned about not wanting to increase soil cadmium levels which can be a problem with other natural products such as blood and bone, rock phosphate and superphosphate. Anyone interested can contact







Carrot - 60RW17 - Benhorn

Carrot - 60RW17 - Benhorn

Details  This original line of carrot dates back to the late 80's when an old gardener gave Richard carrot seed that he had grown for most of his life, the name of this carrot had been long forgotten so it was named Benhorn in 2000. It is a large stumpy carrot which has been selected for its sweetness and flavour. This is done by tasting each carrot before being replanted back for flowering and later seed production. To add to Benhorn's genetics two new carrots - St.Valery and Kuroda were used in the 20016-17 season in cross pollinating.Botanical name  Daucus carota subsp. sativusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 200Grower name  Richard Watson
Celery - 2RW18 - Red Giant

Celery - 2RW18 - Red Giant

Details  Large strain of perennial celery producing red stalks and pinkish yellow blanched hearts, looks good in raw salads. Stronger tasting than green celery, good for soups and stews. Handles winter frosts better than standard celery varieties, though in heavy frost areas the stems are not eatable during these periods .


Botanical name  Apium graveolens var. dulcePrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  100 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson

Parsley - 72RW54 - Italian or flat leaf

Details  This seed was first harvested from wild plants that grow just above the high tide mark south of Kaikoura.Botanical name  Petroselinum crispumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 50Grower name  Richard Watson
Corn - 84RW25 - early Gem

Corn - 84RW25 - early Gem

Details  An early yellow cobbed corn that I select for the number of cobs per plant,the size of the cobs, and the earliest plants that produce ripe seed.Botanical name  Zea mays indenataPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 50Grower name  Richard Watson
Parsnip - 61RW55 - Karlcrown

Parsnip - 61RW55 - Karlcrown

Details  A cross by Richard Watson between Hollow crown and Karl, this new young landrace has been named Karlcrown. The selection work thats carried out with this new variety involves growing it for one full season, seed is sown Aug, a year later they are dug up and only the healthiest, longest widest roots are then replanted for flowering/seed in spring.   Botanical name  Pastinaca sativaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  approx 60Grower name  Richard Watson

Broad beans - 38RW10 - Scottish

Details  This line of broad bean can withstand heavy winter frosts as low as -10deg here in the Amuri basin but equally handles the heat as well, will grow mostly unsupported up to 1.2m tall. In colder parts of the South Island and Inland North Island you dont want to sow broad beans between March and and early May if plants are over 10cm tall, heavy frosts will damage or kill. Plants under this size handle frosts well.Botanical name  Vicia fabaPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 30Grower name  Richard Watson
Lettuce - 22RW41 -  Merlot

Lettuce - 22RW41 - Merlot

Details  i find this red loose leafed lettuce the most winter hardy of all the lettuces i grow,its also slow to boltBotanical name  Lactuca sativaPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 50Grower name  Richard Watson
Sunflowers - 75RW71 - Giant Russian

Sunflowers - 75RW71 - Giant Russian

Details  Grows to 2.5m with large heads.The selection work that has gone in to this line of sunflowers has been where any plant that grew side shoots was pulled out, once the plants have reached maturity i look for those that have wide stumps which handle wind best along wind, also seed heads that face vertical down so as to stop birds get at the seed.Botanical name  Helianthus annuusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 30Grower name  Richard Watson
Radish - 62RW65 - black Spanish

Radish - 62RW65 - black Spanish

Details  A large black skin white flesh winter radish that can get to the dinner size of a dinner plate size while still remaining mild tastingBotanical name  Raphanus sativusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 50Grower name  Richard Watson

Tomato - 20RW76 - long keeper

Details  As the name suggests this tomato has a slow ripening fruit that keeps well into winter, a close relative to Burpee Long keeper,this is tomato that i like to start mid summer and pick green late autumn so they slowly ripen though in the winter.A mid size dark red skin red inside during summer but doesn't get as dark during the cooler months.

Price per packet  $4.00Packet contents  40Grower name  Richard Watson
Bean - 39RW2  dwarf runner - Czar White

Bean - 39RW2 dwarf runner - Czar White

Details  White flowered, white seeded bush form of the Scarlet Runner bean,grows to about 40cm tall. Like all bean they are frost tender. During long periods of wet weather it can be idea to throw a cover over to shed the rain as any beans close to the ground can rot.Botanical name  Phaseolus coccineusPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson

Beet - 66RW9 - Mangelbeet

Details  .

Best eaten when small while still sweet,larger roots used as animal feed. Sow in spring or after the shortest day in the northern half of North Island
Botanical name  Beta vulgarisPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 50Grower name  Richard Watson

Onion - 35RW48 - Medbury Red Longkeeper

Details  The history of this onion is unknown, a very large red onion with tends to be more white inside than other reds. selection involves replanting the longest keepers for seed production,often as late as October.

Botanical name  Allium cepaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  50 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson

Salsify - 65RW67

Details  The roots when cooked have a mild oyster-like flavour. The leaves can also be used in salads and have a nutty lettuce like flavour.

Botanical name  Tragopogon porrifoliusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  50 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson

Turnip - 47RW89 - Scarlet

Details  Red turnip with hairless red veined leaves. Bred from a three way cross of red and purple turnips selected for vigour and hardiness. Genetically diverse strain that is currently being selected for slow bolting also, this is done by sowing in Sep and pulling the first 50% that produce flower stem, the remaining are left for seed production.

Botanical name  Brassica rapa var rapaPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  80 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson
Pea -53RW63 - Snow- Giant Mammeth

Pea -53RW63 - Snow- Giant Mammeth

Details  Grows to over 1m tall.
Edible podded peas with tender, meaty, sweet and tasty crunchy young pods. Should be picked as a vegetable when young as pod production commences early. Excellent raw or in stir fries. Likes cool climate and hardy. 70 days.

NOTE: Pea seeds are sensitive to over watering during germination, just keep the soil moist and not waterlogged.

Botanical name  Pisum sativumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  40 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson

Kale 48RT34 - Red Ursa

Details  Combines the broadleaf frills of Siberian kale with the colour of Red Russian. Great raw flavour for salads. Bolting purple stems of over wintered plants are very sweet, perfect for stir frying.

Botanical name  Brassica napusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  60Grower name  Richard Tew
Kale - 49RW36 - True Siberian

Kale - 49RW36 - True Siberian

Details  A Siberian type highly productive hardy kale. Tolerates weather and water logged soil better than most other kales. Plants are vigorous and large.
Seed harvested Feb 2017

Botanical name  Brassica napusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  60Grower name  Richard Watson

Parsley - 64RW53 - Hamburg root parsley

Details  Hamburg is grown for its very tasty roots that are good raw and cooked, divine oven roasted also great with mashed potatoes,leaves can also be eaten.

Sow in spring in deep free draining soil as it takes a full growing season to reach full size
Botanical name  Petroselinum crispumPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  approx 50Grower name  Richard Watson
Capsicum - 9RW15 - Mallard

Capsicum - 9RW15 - Mallard

Details  A red capsicum which has been grown by Tony Mallard ,a well known market gardener from CHCHBotanical name  Capsicum annuumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  30 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson
Pea - 54RW59 - Waitohi

Pea - 54RW59 - Waitohi

Details  A hyper tendril shell out dwarf pea ,selected over the last 20 years to produce pods over a longer periodBotanical name  Pisum sativumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  40 seedsGrower name  Richard Watson